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Kroger Prepaid Calling Cards : Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I determine what is the rate per minute is to a certain international destination/location? You can use the rate look up on this site to look up your rate per minute to a specific destination.
  2. Do Kroger Phone Cards have fees? Kroger Phone Cards have NO connection fees or maintenance fees. Calls made from a payphone will be charged an FCC-mandated fee of 99¢ and calls to directory assistance will be charged 85¢ in addition to the per minute rate.
  3. How do I use my Kroger Phone Card? When dialing from the United States, you will dial the 800 number listed on the back of your card. The system will prompt you to enter your PIN. After the PIN has been successfully entered, the system will give you the balance on your PIN and ask you to enter the number you would like to dial. Simply enter area code + phone number. If calling an international destination, enter 011 + country code + local number.
  4. How is money deducted from my card balance? Each minute of talk time is deducted from the card balance based on the rate to that specific calling destination. All calls are billed in full minute increments and are rounded to the next whole minute.
  5. Can I use this Phone Card from Alaska or Hawaii? Yes, calls made from Alaska or Hawaii are billed at a higher rate.
  6. Does my Kroger Phone Card expire? Yes, it expires 24 months from the date of activation or from date of last recharge.
  7. Can I recharge my Kroger Phone Card? Yes, you can recharge your Kroger Phone Card by logging in to your account and +Adding Funds. We accept domestic U.S. credit cards only.
  8. How do I use this phone card when I am outside the US? Dial the appropriate access number for the specific country. A list of countries you can use the Kroger Phone Card from and the corresponding access numbers are noted below.

    Country Phone Number
    Australia 1800-176-532
    Brazil 0-800-891-5980
    Denmark 80-885071
    France 0-800-90-9115
    Germany 0800-1005973
    Italy 800-787-696
    Mexico 800-130-4298
    (Payphones) Mexico 600-130-4298
    Norway 800-11143
    Philippines 1-800-1-116-0822
    Switzerland 0800-896806
    UK 08-009172673
  9. How do I report a problem on my phone card? Contact customer service online at recharge.krogerphonecard.com/support/support